Students showcase drinking and driving awareness

On Feb 8, 2022, Ms.Prince’s Marketing and Finance class went to the DECA state competition. 

At this competition, students showcased skills that they have learned in their class to make the information accessible to the students at Tupelo Highschool. 

Hannah Micheal and her partner Taylor Jenkins choose to do their project on The Dangers Of Drinking And Driving, since Taylor and her partner Hannah both have friends and family that have been affected by the dangers of drinking and driving they felt drawn to this sensitive subject.

Taylor and Hannah’s project was a good representation of the effects of driving while drunk. Their project included bikes and goggles that make your vision blurry. In the demonstration, the students put on the goggles and attempted to ride the bikes in a straight path to show how difficult it is to drive while drunk since the goggles give the same effect.