Class of 23′ parades onto campus

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  • Elia Wright, Caroline Chandler, Emma Earwood, Savannah Roper, Emery Murf

  • Sergio Garcia, Thais Higa Ito, Lexi Walters, Becky Acosta

  • Lily Roper, Addy Eckard, Ivy Moffat

  • Ethan Strange, Luke Ultechy, Graham Shelton, Brooks Waldrop

  • Kaitlyn Fortson, Makayla Fortson, Destiney Vanzant, Jamaya Isby, Jaleaha Green, Nya Swings, Jessica Mcgaugy, Najwa Hinton

  • Lily Roper, Addy Eckard, Mary Lawson, Ethan Strange, Graham Shelton

  • Emery Murf, Savannah Roper, Caroline Chandler, Addy Stanford, Sadie Morris, Meg Hanna

  • Harley Jordan, Ruth Buzkirk, Mary Hodges, Carter Sanders

  • Alexis Leasey, Jahiem Bridges

  • Omar Erar, Daniel Mason, Max Stewart, Hunter S.

  • Erin Harris, Paris Morris, Jay Salters

  • Josh Green, Zariah Williams, Kaida

  • Serenity Ivy

  • Charlee Kate Austin, Kyle Moore, Parker

  • Illiana Acosta, Leslie Lira, Brad Acosta, Alex Acosta, Marlene Castillo

  • Kahlani , Lauren Atterberry

  • Christian Lawson, Ericka Clanton

  • Zae Johnson, Elijah Gunner, Gavin Brown

  • Taylor Tucker, Shelbie Spain

  • Taylor Tucker, Shelbie Spain

  • Camille Bautista, Pauline Gan Lim

  • Thais Ito, Becky Acosta, Lexi Walters

  • Rico Morris

  • Elaysia Dillards

  • Arhayan Story, India Ivy

  • Paris Donnegan

  • Addy Standford, Bailey Clark

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Once again students poured into the buildings at Tupelo High School for the first day of the 2022- 2023 school year. While the 9-11th graders settled into their classrooms, the Seniors gathered at Harrisburg Church for the annual Senior Parade. Seniors rode along Cliff Gookin in their cars from Harrisburg church to the high school with the Tupelo Fire Department and Tupelo Police Department leading the way. The seniors are excited to begin the year and look forward to achieving their goals before they walk across the stage in their blue gowns. 

“I’m really looking towards graduating in December,” senior Mariana Lazcano said. “After that, I’m going to go to ICC to get my courses done.” 

Extracurricular activities are one of the things that students look forward to. 

“[I am] excited for the senior structure spring showcase,” senior Ryder Jones said.

Many seniors are going to miss Tupelo High School when they graduate but they will cherish the memories that they have made as students. 

“’I’m gonna miss having all of my friends in the same class and being able to see them all the time,” Thais Higa Ito said