Tupelo appoints new Sports Information Director


Kara Graham

Tupelo High’s Dillon Hutton is in his first year as Sports Information Director.

Tupelo Athletic Department has a new Sports Information Director this year. Bristol Virginia native Dylan Hutton has taken the reins this year and is excited to set new goals for the upcoming season. He says it’s a little different for high school since SIDs are mostly found in college sports.

“It’s a cool opportunity to be at the largest school [in Mississippi] because at the previous school I was at I did radio and graphics and that kind of stuff,” Hutton said.

Hutton has always been interested in sports since he grew up in a sports family. 

“Growing up my grandpa really liked baseball. We lived on a farm and shared land between my grandfather and my dad. I would always watch baseball with him,” Hutton said. 

Hutton and his siblings bonded over sports and took part in many sports and sports-related activities. 

“My sister was All-State in softball as a catcher at Patrick Henry High School and my brother was All-State as an offensive lineman in football,” Hutton said.

Hutton has participated in sports since he was little. He has many fond memories of playing sports in his hometown of Bristol.

“From the beginning it was baseball, and then I got into football,” Hutton said “I played baseball ever since I was four, like T-Ball. My sister whenever I was five or six [years old] would be hitting me ground balls in the backyard.”

Hutton shared interesting facts about his hometown of Bristol and the location. 

“The cool thing about where we live is that you’re close to everywhere else but your own [state] capitol, like we are closer to five other [state] capitals than we are our own,” Hutton said, “We can be in North Carolina in 15 minutes, be in Tennessee in 30 minutes, be in West Virginia in an hour, and be in Kentucky in a very short amount of time.”

  In addition to working at Virginia High School, he also worked for a minor league team named the Bristol Pirates.

“[Bristol is] a border town. And that’s where I did a lot of my broadcasting. I worked in minor league baseball there for seven years and I worked at the high school there,” Hutton said. 

Hutton plans to bring his ideas and strategies to the Tupelo Athletic Program including game notes. Game notes are stats that broadcasters use in color commentary.

“I’m really interested in starting a game notes packet that we’ll hand to media members and help me with the broadcast. I’m going to be joined with Sunny 93.3 for the video stream and radio stream.”

Hutton is excited and is looking forward to the opportunities at Tupelo. 

“I’m really excited about the opportunity Mr. Miller has given to somebody from out of state that he didn’t know,” Hutton said, “Once everything fell into place, it felt like everybody was on my side.”