Tupelo hires new Digital Media Teacher


Tupelo High School has a new Digital Media teacher this year. Aundrea Adams will be teaching digital media in the Career Technical Center in Room I106. Adams talked about why she went into teaching digital media and how she wants to give back to her students.

“So teaching was always like my plan B. And then I realized, you know, I’m good at what I do. I’m good with the camera. I’m good at Photoshop. I’m good at video recording and editing,” said Adams, “So I thought why not pay it forward? I didn’t go to Tupelo High School but why not give it back? You know, if I know so much. I can instill some of those qualities in my students.”

She is originally from Tupelo but moved to Corinth in the fourth grade. She shared some of her fondest memories growing up in Corinth.

“Another tradition I [love] while being in high school was senior night, we [would] start at about 7pm,” Adams said “The day before school and we had activities all the way up until we walked in the doors at eight o’clock. So senior night, [and] those memories with my classmates [and] not going to sleep. That would probably be my favorite.”

Adams says she looks forward to helping her students improve their digital media skills and elaborated on how they are excited to learn all about the class. 

“I am most excited about watching every single one of my students grow. They’re already super excited. So to see their excitement makes me super excited,” said Adams