THS Obtains A New Dance Class

Show Choir teacher, Mrs.Ray won’t only be presenting us with amazing singers this year, but also amazing dancers. 


 “I’m really excited about it. I’ve been given freedom about what the class will be like. I’m so excited to use some things relevant to the students to help them understand other cultures, surrounding dance and how it can change our view of the world,”, the new dance teacher said.


Mrs.Ray was actually a student here in THS and was also in the show choir. 


“I started dancing when I was eight. I took dance classes until I was 16 and was also in the show choir. So I have been a dancer for a while”, Mrs. Ray said.


This will be the first time that Mrs. Ray will ever teach dance to a class before.


“I am looking at dance from other cultures like African and Latin American dance. So it’ll be a mix of things. We’ll do some Hip Hop too, and do a brief history of dance so that we can get a well-rounded background on these dances”, Mrs. Ray said.


Mrs. Ray has also expressed dance students may have the chance to take it to the spotlight.


“That’s possible I hope to get the class on its feet and then look at the possibility of doing something for the school”, Mrs. Ray said.


For more information about the class, you can email Mrs.Ray at [email protected]