Tupelo Marketing makes an impact


Ryan Coon

Mrs. Prince’s marketing class goes to Pierce Street as part of the Chick-fil-a Leadership Academy program.

This year, Tupelo’s Marketing class decided to do something new to better themselves and the community. Students are given the opportunity to participate in Chick-fil-a leadership academy. Chick-fil-a leadership’s motto is “Impact through Action” and focuses on helping students make a difference in their community through community service projects. 

Students learn life skills and set up many activities to help make a difference in their community such as Do Good December. One Do Good December project includes raising toiletries for the Junior Auxiliary of Tupelo. Chick-fil-a leadership can teach students many lessons pertaining to their high school, collegiate, and professional careers as well as grow them into responsible members of society.

“So my students are the ones who are planning some of the community service events. And so that gives them some leadership roles by doing that,” Marketing teacher Brooks Prince said. 

On October 6, students went to Pierce Street to read to the third graders during 2nd block. The third graders were given packets of Chick-fil-a books to read and enjoy. The marketing students were accompanied by the Chick-fil-a owner at the mall location, Taylor Lock, and the Chick-fil-a cow. They all enjoyed getting the opportunity to give back and impact in a positive way.