Tupelo Football brings the BOOM

Caleb Cockrell

At Golden Wave Drive the momentum on Friday nights is always high. When you attend a Tupelo football game on the blue turf you will hear the cheers of the crowd and see the jumps of the football players as a teammate makes another great play. You may be wondering how the team builds their momentum and keeps the crowd on their feet and it’s all because of the sledgehammer adorned with the Tupelo T. 

The hammer originated a couple of seasons ago and holds great significance to the team. It is mainly associated with the defensive line.

“Mostly defensive players hold the sledgehammer so that signifies that a defensive player is bragging about the boom,” defensive safety Lamarcus Heard said. 

Players look forward to getting the hammer after a sack or tackle. The players will often run out of the helmet with the hammer every game. 

“But we have a place here at the football facility where we keep it and prior to every game, the players will get it and that’s where it stays,” defensive coach William Kilgore said. 

The sledgehammer has a spot near the football helmets and the 1992 football state championship trophy. The sledgehammer often reminds the team of famous characters and the strength associated with them.

The team also added a new addition in the form of a Chucky doll this Halloween. 

“The sledgehammer was like a lightning bolt like Thor.” Dorian Snow said “And the Chucky doll was there to remind us even though things get a little scary, we still got to push through. 

The Tupelo football team has remained undefeated and clinched the 6a Region 2 title in the game against Clinton with a final score of 35-7. The Wave is beginning the playoffs against Lewisburg this weekend. This is the first time the Golden Wave has been undefeated since the 2017 season.