Crowning The Queen

On October 14th, Tupelo High School celebrated the Homecoming Game. Everyone in the stands directed their attention to the field during halftime to see Paris Donegan crowned Homecoming Queen.
The crowd roared with excitement when Donegan’s name was called.
“I was shocked but I was super excited,” Donegan said.
Preparing for Homecoming takes a lot of time and effort. The participants have to start planning weeks ahead, they have to buy all new items for all of the Homecoming events.
“I got all my outfits for the parade and then the [Daily Journal] pictures and of course my dress. And I booked all my makeup and hair appointments,” Donegan said.
Donegan also has a business outside of school. “Writstwork by Paris D.” She customizes shoes and clothes for students and faculty including Tupelo High School Principal Dr. Thomas.
“My students are not only brilliantly and intellectually gifted, but they are also bonafide entrepreneurs! I love seeing and supporting their creativity,” Dr. Thomas said in a Facebook quote.
Donegan has had this business for a while. Her artwork from when she was young inspired her which led to her starting her own business.
“I’ve been painting for forever so I just started doing it on clothes and shoes because I [thought] a lot of people would like it,” Donegan said.
With her background in designing and paintings in her free time, she also works on holiday paintings for different businesses.
“I’ve also started painting on windows and stuff for like the holidays and it’s going pretty good. I have a lot of orders and stuff like that,” Donegan said.
People in the community wanted to know if since she won homecoming would she incorporate this winning into her business.
“I have got noticed because of [being crowned] Homecoming Queen. I have a lot more recognition and customers so I guess it’s working out,” Donegan said.