Tupelo Hires New Health Science Teacher Mid School Year: Meet Ms. Brown


Angela Brown was a nurse navigator before coming to Tupelo High School. She has worked with prostate cancer patients and bladder cancer patients.

Ms. Brown has always loved working with children, specifically teenagers. 

“You all are clearly our future. Obviously, you all will be the future nurses, future dentists and podiatrists, and everything else. So I want to have a role in setting you all up for success in the future,” Brown said. 

Before she could start her journey here at Tupelo High School she had to prepare. 

“I prayed. I just reviewed some skills. As far as being able to teach you all I wanted to make sure that I was looking at the correct format. So I looked at clinical skill check-offs and really just tried to reorient myself back into a classroom setting because I haven’t been at a classroom setting for a while,” Brown said. 

While trying to make sure she has everything ready, she has plans for the future. 

“We’re gonna do a lot of fun things. We will have a chance to do a lot of hands-on activities and actually apply what we’re learning in the classroom to the community setting and clinical setting,” Brown said. 

Although it isn’t easy coming into a classroom setting in the middle of the school year Mrs.Brown is dedicated to getting the students on track. 

“The students do not believe that I’m here. They don’t believe that I’m committed to staying here,” Brown said. 

But she is committed to staying here and says her transitions have been smooth for her. 

“Everybody has been a joy. The students are easy to work with,” Brown said. “I’m just really learning the format and the schedule of everything.”

With only being here at Tupelo High School for a short time CTE staff members have been a big help to her.

“Everybody has been very encouraging. They’ve been pointing me in the right direction. I had Mr. Bridges just telling me where to go,” Brown said. “They are telling me what the resources are and where I can go to find them.” 

Health Science students have expressed that they are excited to start this new journey with Ms. Brown and can’t wait to see what is in store for the future.