So Far, So Good


Principal Dr.Thomas takes a selfie with seniors Fred Adams and Zech Pratt at November pep rally.

All is well as Dr. Melissa Thomas finishes up the first semester of her first year as principal of Tupelo High school. During these 90 days, she has experienced and learned many things as the principal of Tupelo High. Though she faces new challenges, she continues to make building relationships with students, teachers, and administrators her priority. 

“It’s a large school…so one of the challenges is for me is not to try to do it all by myself, and to utilize my help. I Have a great team of administrators. I have a great team of teachers and allow them to use their expertise to help create this wonderful environment,” Thomas said.

Thomas’s goal to build relationships with every student and make them feel safer seems to be working.

“I feel like the school feels more connected, and I just feel like she’s more involved with the school than any principal ever has been,” senior Addy Stanford said.

The overall vibe has shifted since Dr. Thomas took over, and even teachers are noticing. 

“She seems to really enjoy what she’s doing. She loves the students, [she’s] very personable with them and very personable with the teachers as well,” Oral Communi

cations and Debate teacher, Mr. Hinds said. 

Thomas cites these relationships when talking about how she overcomes difficulties she has faced in her time here so far, “I think when we develop that relationship, even when students have bad days, I can help with that. Even when I have not so good days, they help me. So I think it’s a give and take and it’s working because we have a good relationship,” Thomas said.

Thomas hopes to continue to build something great here at Tupelo and she remains humble saying, “I have some of the best students in the entire state, not just state, in the region. We have some phenomenal, talented kids here. I am so thankful that I get a first front row seat to see especially how they change from one year to the next,” Thomas said.

She hopes to continue to form long lasting relationships with all of her students and help everyone be beyond the best they can be even after they graduate.

“Tupelo High School is special,” Thomas said.