THS Journalism goes to convention


On October 26, 2022, select staff members from WTHS, Wave Media, The Wave Effect Literary Magazine contributors, and advisers Shari Chumley and Katrina Berry Ivy attended the Mississippi Scholastic Press Association (MSPA) Convention in Hattiesburg, MS. Altogether the print group brought back whopping twenty-three Awards, while the broadcast group brought back a number themselves.  The fall awards are the state championship for Literary Magazine and Yearbook.

While at the convention, students attended classes and mingled with journalist from around the state.

“I got to meet new friends. It was different being in a classroom with actual journalists and professors. People who are in that career [profession],” Junior Kara Graham said.

Students were given the opportunity to let their creativity shine and advance in their journalism careers.

“My goal every day is to just encourage the creativity and talent of my students and to ask them to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. Some people find that they have a talent or enjoy things that they didn’t know they would so, I love being able to help the students,” Advisor Shari Chumley said.

The Mississippi Scholastic Press Association exists to support, promote, and nurture journalism throughout high school staff/settings.

“It was a really fun experience for me to get to be a part of this class and work and actually grow my career.” said Graham

Staff members had a choice of three sessions with a wide range of topics pertaining to journalism. Students can choose where they go to and at the end of the sessions, students get the opportunity to showcase their work and enter them into competition.

Best of Show Awards

are awards awarded for this years work.

Staff member Emmy Dean won “Best of Show” award for “Best News Photo” and was a finalist for “Best News Photo” and “Best Sport Photo”. Kara Graham won “Best of Show Headline” and “Best of Show Lede”. Rico Morris won “Best Photo Illustration”. Grant Edger was one of the finalists for “Best Headline”.

Best of Mississippi Awards are awarded to this past school years work in yearbook and literary magazine.

Emmy Dean won “Best of Mississippi Yearbook of Photo”.

Kara Graham won “Best of Mississippi Yearbook Feature Writing/Reporting” and she also won “Best Feature Spread Design” and she was a finalist for “Best of Mississippi Yearbook Sports Writing/Reporting”. Martha Cruz Manjarrez was a finalist for Best Yearbook Feature Photo. Amari Tucker was a finalist for “Best Yearbook Academic Photo”.

2022 graduate and former staff member Mckenzie Armstrong was a finalist for “Best Yearbook Sports Writing/Reporting” for her articles about the volleyball and Structure Band. Ella Bramlett was a finalist for “Best Yearbook Sports Writing” for her coverage of the archery team. The Album and Literary Magazine won an array of whole publication awards as well. Students were thankful to grow and advance in journalism.

Rico Morris, a senior, a  fourth year member of Wave Media staff, also Editor in Chief, enjoyed one of his final high school moments at MSPA.

From getting a free tour of Southern Miss to ironing his shirt with heat from the bus. Morris will miss the staff after graduation and Mrs.Chumley but still plans to work with the program after he graduates.

“Just because it is my final year as the Editor in Chief does not mean I won’t still have an effect on the program. I do still hope to passively participate in the direction [of the program]after graduation, strictly because [Chumley] encouraged me to go outside of the box” Morris Said

Yearbook Adviser Shari Chumley was named the “Caroline Fair Yearbook Adviser of The Year”. This award is designed to honor one outstanding adviser. She competed against advisers throughout the state of Mississippi. While Mrs. Chumley hasn’t won this award since 2016, she has been nominated 4 times in the last 5 years. With the struggles and aspects she and her staffs have had to overcome since COVID, receiving this award was very special to her.

“Getting recognized, winning awards, and being named finalists is wonderful. But, the fact that we have a diverse staff in both of my publications, we do so many different things. I am so proud of these kids and all of their accomplishments,” said Shari Chumley.