Meet Latrell Roberson, basketball player

What are your hopes for your senior year and last high school basketball season?

“My goal for senior year is for my whole team to get their mindset in the right mode so we can better ourselves as a team. If that happens then we have a chance at going to Jackson for the Championships.” 

What has been your favorite experience being on the Tupelo High School basketball team?

“My favorite experience is being able to go to Louisiana with my team at the beginning of this season. We had a lot of fun, we got to go to a New Orleans Pelicans Game and we got to bond.”

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced with basketball this season?

“I haven’t really faced any challenges this season, but it was hard feeling like everybody was against us, and prayed for our downfall. I feel like we needed more support from our classmates.” 

What is your biggest takeaway from being on the team?

“I’m going to miss being around my boys, my team has taught me to never let anyone run over me. I am very thankful for my team and the opportunities they have given me.”