Tupelo High School Celebrates Black History

Monday, Feb 27, 2023, Tupelo High School hosted a Black History program to celebrate all black figures. The Speaker, Pastor Jeffery Daniel, has been peaching at White Hill since 2006 and has made a big mark in the Tupelo community.


“I really would like to emphasize even more concerning how it is that the people of African American descent, and how they have really made a great impact on this nation and how so many times they are the unsung heroes that seemingly just fade away in the history rather than coming out on the pages,” said Pastor Daniel. 


Pastor Daniel, who is a native of Memphis, TN, even took a moment to reflect on his past as growing up as a young black individual. 


“Well, I will say in the past, as a person that I grew up in the South, being the age that I am, I’m 54 years of age, I’ve seen some things growing up, that really, really impacted me, and made me want to be a better person due to the fact that so many lost their lives, so many who sacrificed on my behalf,” said Pastor Daniel. 


Pastor Daniel even had a chance to talk about our current and upcoming generations. And what people should expect from them when problem-solving.


“Well, one thing that we’ve seen a lot of us getting involved, and when there are different injustices taking place, I think rather than handling it in a violent way should sit down and discuss it or even create spaces,” said Pastor Daniel. 


Pastor Daniel even has stated that hopefully one day in the future all citizens will be able  to push aside their differences and love one another. 


“I believe that if everyone had the love of Christ in them, it would enable them to be able to love each other and look beyond their differences and try to work together. I think that one thing that can be done even outside of the realm of just saying spirituality is, is that when we have those compensations we don’t take it to a place where it produces a level of hatred,” said Pastor Daniel.