Meet Gabe De Mederios


When entering J building, one of the first things you will see is an oddly designed room labeled the “Business Brew.”

If you enter in the morning you may find Gabriel De Medeiros, or just Gabe for short, working with other students to help make and sell coffee to the teachers and staff members who occupy the nearby rooms.

“I’m the barista, so I make the coffee and help the other baristas make the other coffees.” De Medeiros said.

De Medeiros, who’s an exchange student from Brazil and has only been at THS since the start of this semester, has made note of how THS differs from his previous high school, including the size of the campus and the school’s schedule.

“Here, the schedule is like per day. So like every single day, you’re gonna have the same classes. So in Brazil it’s like per week. So like, the class that we had today, we won’t have tomorrow.” De Medeiros said.

When forming his schedule, De Medeiros talked to Ms. Blakey about his interest in business for college which led him to Ms. Krauss’ Business Fundamentals class.

“I’m thinking maybe to do business in college. And I wanted to know how was like a business go? And stuff like that. So I asked Miss Blakey, and she brought me over here. So now I’m taking this class.” De Medeiros said

He has only been here for a few months but he had already impressed his teachers and classmates and is enjoying his time at THS.

“I think it’s been like a really good experience so far. I’m glad that I came here.” De Medeiros said.