Comminted or Signed

Many people believe when athletes commit that’s their future but that’s not true at all. Believe it or not they could change their mind at any given moment.

Committed, this player is committed to this college in the 10th grade; and could change their mind at any minute. When an athlete signs to a college that is where the athlete has chosen to go and is expected to go. 

Commit is a verbal agreement that the athlete makes with the college coach. Signing is when the athlete signs a letter of intent to pursue that career at a chosen school.  Although the athlete signs the letter of intent they have up until the letter is faxed off to change their minds.

In the occurrence when NSD is approaching athletes have to come to their decision, this usually happens when the athlete is a senior in high school. Not being a senior does not mean you can’t decide on your college, but when you do decide on your college you will be committing to not signing. Committing but not signing allows the athlete to change their mind when other schools start also offering scholarships.

A major difference between committed and signed is when you’re committed to a school you have no tie to that chosen school. The only time your commitment is sealed is when it is accompanied by some sort of financial agreement. Recruiters come to high schools at any time to commit, and they give athletes a choice of their school. When you commit to the school you’re giving the school your trust that you’ll sign there but don’t forget you can always cheat on that school.