Culinary class studies the importance of washing hands

CTE Culinary Arts Program teacher, Ms. Curry, held a project based on the importance of washing your hands in her third block. 

The places with the most germs resulted in the Media Center books, the B Building bathroom, and the shared class computer.

“We demonstrated how fast germs can grow on produce items,” said Ms. Curry. 

The project consisted of the students going around Tupelo High School campus and touching surfaces that they thought were filled with the most bacteria and or germs.  

“Students touched their personal items and went to different buildings like the Media Center, Cafeteria, B Building, and A Building,” said Ms. Curry

After their adventures around the school campus, the students returned to class, put the samples on a Petri dish, and watched the growth of the mold and bacteria for a few days.

 By keeping up with what buildings each student went to and what parts they touched, you could map which buildings had the most bacteria growth or germs. 

“It gave them an example of what can be going on in their hands today and the importance of washing your hands,” said Ms. Curry. 

The least bacteria resulted in a student’s hair.