Teacher Spotlight: Coach Osborne

Tereif Osborne Official coach portrait.

Ryan Coon, TPSD Photographer

Tereif Osborne Official coach portrait.

Name: Tereif Osborne

What Subject/classes/sports/clubs do you teach/coach/advise:

I teach PE, Health and Driver’s Ed and I coach football.”

How long teaching: 12 Years

Teaching at THS: 10 Years

Favorite thing about teaching: The connection with the kids, being a positive role model in their lives.”

Least favorite thing about teaching: “ My least favorite thing about teaching is the pay”

Official TPSD coach portrait of Tereif Osborne by Ryan Coon, TPSD Photographer

Hobby outside of school: I like playing softball, I like fishing. I like grilling.”

Special Talent(s): I can step. I lift a lot of weights. And just I gotta talent of being awesome.”

Most memorable moment as a teacher: Winning teacher of distinction in 2019.”

Any Weird Superstitions: “I put the microwave on 32 seconds instead of 30 seconds.”

People be surprised to know: “They will be surprised to know that I was number one in state in power lifting my senior year. People wouldn’t know that because they’re looking at my size.”