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Starbucks Review

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In the summer of 2016, Starbucks coffee finally built a brand new coffeehouse located on the north side of Tupelo on North Gloster. The new addition of the hangout is praised by the people who live near the mall and had to either settle for the miniature Starbucks in Barnes & Noble or travel about twenty minutes to the location on West Main.

When I visited the new Starbucks, I was expecting to have to eat outside due to seeing how busy the drive-thru was; but instead, when I walked in, there was no order line and only a few couples were seated and chatting. It was quiet and cool and made me feel nice, as if I was at home. I was able to order right away; and with the help of the very nice cashier, I ended up deciding on a venti iced white chocolate mocha, an egg and cheddar english muffin, and an apple fritter. When in doubt, I always stick with a classic iced white chocolate mocha, and it tasted just as good as all the other drinks I have had. They also spelled my name correctly, which were a plus.

The new Starbucks is not only convenient for those who would rather not travel long distance, but with it’s spacious area and wood detail it also provides a quiet, cozy atmosphere for those looking to relax or quietly get some work done. The wifi connects almost immediately and is very fast, making it easy for people to use their laptops while they relax in the modern environment. Most of the traffic on North Gloster is rushed, causing the drive-thru to become congested. But if you have time to spare, on a normal day, you should not have any trouble finding a nice table to sit at to work, chat or just enjoy your treats.

Fans of Starbucks merchandise and coffee products will find all they are looking for with their stocked selection of travel cups, coffee grounds, well known refreshers to-go, and more. All of the snacks and cakes are the same and just as tasty as any other location, and the drink menu is still full of famous Starbucks coffees and teas. I very much enjoyed my food and drink ,and I am sure you will as well.


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Starbucks Review