Lights Out, Spirit Up.

Tupelo Pep Rally September 1


Tupelo High students were treated to one of the most memorable pep rallies in school history on Friday during TA. The band, the TUPELO boys, and the cheerleaders performed. The band played the Fight Song, Cake By the Ocean, ESPN, and African Beat. The TUPELO boys followed up by giving a phenomenal performance, beginning with a electric intro and ending with jumping with the football team. Spinning in the air and shouting loudly, the cheerleaders led their usual cheers to encourage the team on their game against Clarksdale. The student body as well as the football team was energized, full of spirit, and ready to crush Clarksdale that night. No one in the bleachers could claim that they lacked a voice or hope in the team. The pep rally was truly an unforgettable experience for every person in the gym that day.