Class of 2021 Pep Rally

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High school is traditionally a time of hard work, but Thursday, September 28, the class of 2021 gathered in the wood floor gym for a pep rally before the game against the Grenada Chargers which they went on to win later that night. The pep rally was a celebration of the students from all of the ninth grade activities including band, football, and cheer. As a show of school spirit the pep rally was really appreciated by the players.

“the pep rally really motivated the players to play good at the game that night,” freshman middle-line backer Kyle Clardy said.

After finishing the cheer the cheer squad stands ready for dismissal

The entire Tupelo High School Class of 2021 gets hyped up for the cheerleaders cheer

The 9nth grade football team gets hyped up for the cheer

The Pyramid formation is complete holding Skylar Carr at the top

The 9nth-grade Cheer Squad gathers for their opening dance after introduction

Halle Traylor waves to the ninth grade class during her introduction

The 9nth grade Cheer Squad stands waiting for they introduction

The THS ninth-grade Cheerleaders strike poses for the end of the first cheer

The Tupelo Band plays for the cheerleaders chant

The Ninth-grade Cheerleaders gather on the cheer floor a show

Trey Kelly
9nth-grade Football players walk into the Gymnasium

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