The Wave Effect literary magazine seeks submissions for the 2018 issue.

The Theme for this year’s magazine is “Waves of Color”

Submit to THS’ own literary magazine, The Wave Effect using the link below.

Submissions are being sought in the following categories:

Hand drawn Art, Graphic Design, Photography, Poetry, Short Fiction, and Literary NonFiction/Personal Narratives.

Submission Deadline is April 13, 2018.

How To Submit Your Work

Read and follow the submissions guidelines carefully. If you do not, we may not receive and evaluate your work.

For Electronic Submissions Via Google Forms: 

•Follow the link on the THS Current website or Haiku page.

•The Wave Effect uses a Google Form for all digital submissions. You must upload a photo or document to your school Google Drive in order to submit your work. 

•For each submission you must fill out a separate form. Follow the directions for making another submission.

• Please make sure that when you are submitting your work you do all of the following: 

◦Your submission piece file name should include your name, the category and the title of :  Example:  JoeStudent_Poetry_Colors.  Each piece should have a different title.

◦You should only submit work which you personally wrote or created.  Any group projects should be submitted with the name of all creators.  

◦Create a title for each piece of work you are submitting.

◦Fill out the Google Form completely.  Any submissions incorrectly titled or missing titles or other information may not be considered.  

For Paper/Hard Copy Submissions in A116: 

For Writing Submissions 

•Bring a printed or paper copy of your work to A116.   

•The writer’s name should be written in the Top Left Corner along with grade and first block teacher and category.  The title of the work should be centered in the top of the piece.  

For Art/Photography Submissions 

•Bring a hard copy of your work to A116.  

•The artist’s/photographer’s information should be on the back of the work.   

 You will be asked to put the work in a folder and sign the form saying that you have submitted an original piece of work.