Teacher SpotlightšŸ”¦: Robert Pressley


Submitted by Robert Pressley

THS Teacher Robert Pressley with the Bass Fishing Team. Caleb Scott, Blake Aldridge, Mack Scruggs, Jordan Daniel


Name: Robert Pressley

What Subject/classes/sports/clubs do you teach/coach/advise: I teach Earth and Space science; Coach Archery, 9th-grade Basketball and Fishing; and I advise the Science Bowl.

How long teaching: Ā For 9 years at THS: For 4 years

Family: My wife works at the hospital in surgery, and my daughter attends Carver Elementary.

Favorite thing about teaching: Seeing the look on students faces, when they learn something new.

Least favorite thing about teaching: Seeing my students with Earbuds.
Hobby outside of school: Fishing, playing basketball and eating new food.
Special Talent(s): Patience.

People would be surprised to know: Ā I graduated from one of the smallest schools in the state.

Most memorable moment as a teacher: Ā Learning that one of my students was following a career, because of an interest they gained from my classes.