THS Juniors prepare for and take the ACT


What Happened: All juniors that attend  Tupelo High School took the ACT on February 20. Students prepared for this standardized test using Albert.IO, ACT Prep classes, and TA Tutoring.  The ACT is now a part of the accountability model for school rankings so it counts just like a State test for the school.  Students can use their scores for scholarships, to help with passing a state test and for college admission.

Key Moment: All students at THS prepared  in math, science and English classes

 Key Fact: The ACT will determine college scholarships and admittance as well as grant funding. It could also help low income students receive grants and scholarships.They Said It: ”Some ACT courses have really helped me come up with different techniques like skimming through the passage and underlining important things that could possibly get me a high score on the ACT,” junior Kelsie Walker said.

Up Next: The next chance to take the ACT is April 13.