Teacher Spotlight: Beth Blanton

Name of Teacher: Beth Blanton

What Subject/Classes/Sports/Clubs do you Teach/Coach/Advise?: Pre AP English I and Mayor’s Youth Council.

How long have you been teaching?: 19 years.                 At THS?: This is my 7th year at THS.

What would you like to share about your family?: I am married and am the stepmother to Mary, a freshman at THS.

What is your favorite thing about teaching?: I love when I recognize that a student has grasped a difficult concept.

What is your least favorite thing about teaching?: The feeling of helplessness – not being able to reach a student or improve their situation has not gotten easier.

What is your hobby outside of school?: I love travelling, reading, being active, and mowing the yard.

What special talents(s) do you have?: None really, but students might say that I tell good stories.

What is your most memorable moment as a teacher?: I will never forget teaching September 11, 2001. The day was difficult and challenging for everyone, however I had an 11th grade student whose parents were in Washington, D.C. While everyone was upset, he was a wreck. I spent most of the day reassuring students and attempting to contact my students parents. It wasn’t until the end of the school day that we received a message that his parents were fine but having difficulty making arrangements for coming home.