Homecoming Dress Up Days Announced

Monday — Mathletes v. Athletes
Students can dress in jerseys or sporty attire to represent Athletes. Mathletes can dress with a “nerdy” approach with glasses and suspenders to resemble a studious individual.

Tuesday — Elementary v. Elderly
For Elementary, students can dress as younger kids by wearing items that remind them of children, or by putting their hair in pigtails/spikes. They can participate in old trends including wearing silly-bands and sketchers. On the other hand, Elderly students can dress in “old people” attire such as long floral dresses or dark toned collared sweaters. Baby bottles and diapers are prohibited.

Wednesday — Country v. Country Club
Students can dress up in western clothing along with country attire like flannels, boots, etc. Country club students can dress in “preppy” clothes that are more high class such as polos or khakis.

Thursday — Tupelo v. Southaven
Students can dress in their best blue and gold ensemble for the day before homecoming.

No school on Friday. See you at the game at 7 pm. The Court will be presented at half-time.

School Dress Code Will be enforced!