CTE PPE fashion show



On Monday, September 30th, the Career Technical Center staff and students hosted the CTE Personal Protection Equipment fashion show.

Tupelo High School Assistant Principal and CTE Principal Evet Topp emphasized how the show was a learning experience meant to bring CTE students together.

“The fashion show was so that students could have an additional way to connect to the learning as it relates to being safe in the shop area,”  Topp said.

Topp continued to express her excitement about seeing CTE students and teachers come together to learn about their classes. “My favorite part about the show, aside from the learning component, was the interaction and participation from both the students in the fashion show as well as in the audience. There was a lot of participation. It was good.”

Several students participated in the show, dressed in gear and equipment that is relevant to their career classes.

Welding student Blake Aldridge walked in the show, dressed in two outfits that would normally be worn during class. “For the first [show,] basic welding, I wore full cotton jeans, a full cotton shirt, leather boots, gauntlet gloves, and safety glasses. For the second one, I wore a welding jacket, a full cotton shirt, full cotton jeans, leather boots, an auto darkening helmet, a welding cap, and glasses.”

Aldridge expressed his enthusiasm about working alongside his fellow students in the show. “My favorite part was probably seeing all the other people walk through because it was fun watching them, and also because I had to walk with them.”

Courtesy of THS CTE
Elijah Traylor – Welding
Courtesy of THS CTE
Haley Carbone – Collision and Repair
Courtesy of THS CTE
Chance Coleman – Construction
Courtesy of THS CTE
Jonastayza Neeky – Health Science
Courtesy of THS CTE
Chris Johnson – Welding
Courtesy of THS CTE
Lai Le- Health Science
Courtesy of THS CTE
Arturo Yanez – Construction
Courtesy of THS CTE
Austin Payne – Welding
Courtesy THS CTE
Cedric Kimborough – Law and Public Safety
Courtesy of THS CTE
Angel Cotton – Law and Public Safety