THS recognizes and supports local Veterans with special program.


On Thursday, November 7, Tupelo High School hosted the annual Veteran’s Day Program. The annual event was organized by Madrigal’s director, Dr. Suzy Williams. The Madrigals and THS Men’s choir opened the performance with the National Anthem along with several other American classics to welcome Colonel Chris Gillard, the Assistant Commissioner of Public Safety and Director of the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Colonel Gillard spoke to almost 900 assembled students from social studies and elective classes.

In his speech, Colonel Gillard emphasized the sacrifice that veterans and those serving in the army gave for United State’s citizens to live a life full of freedoms.

“We are in debt for the freedom we have for our country,” Gillard said.

Colonel Gillard continued to reassure students and staff that they too could be like soldiers, and sacrifice a part of themselves for the sake of others.

“Stay focused, don’t entertain anyone, stay humble, and don’t take the people you love for granted,” Gillard said.

Gillard expressed his appreciation of his humble beginnings. He explained to the students how he grew up in the project housing of Tupelo. Despite what some would consider to be a home that downs success, Gillard is thankful he was not born into a prestigious lifestyle.

“You should never forget where you came from, however it is just as important to remember where you are going,” Gillard said.

Tupelo High School’s Golden Wave Media thanks all the men and women who sacrifice so much to fight for the nation’s freedoms, including student journalists rights to tell the stories of heroes like Colonel Gillard.