Autism Awareness Month

Many people think they know exactly what autism is but isn’t exactly as it seems always. Autism, also known as Autism spectrum disorder(ASD), is a disorder where common symptoms are difficult to communicate, socially interact with, or obsession interest but the symptoms can vary depending on the level the patient is diagnosed with. There are 3 levels, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Level 1 being not severe and Level 3 being severe. 


“Tony, how he helps in the classroom, or how he contributes is that he remembers so much because of the way he absorbs the information, he can help other students do their work”


Most students with autism develop better skills than other people do since it is a brain disorder.


“Instead of engaging person to person, he was kind of doing the work in D was watching him but because of the social aspect, it’s difficult for him to take I’m going to show you how to do this into a more social thing.”


Even though they are smart and know and remember how to do the work it’s hard for them to show another person how to do the work so they end up doing the work for them.


“How he does contribute more than that we’re just talking about Tony and his level of autism is how he contributes because of his skills because of how you know what his advantages are. He can help other students with their work if they get behind if they get stuck because Tony remembers everything he gets it like that.”

They contribute a lot to the class cause their brain is a little more developed when it comes to working.

“Tony likes things a certain way. He thinks like when sometimes I’ll let him do our morning work and he wants to do it a certain way there’s a certain order that we do it right.”


Autism is a disorder that is common in people but there are benefits and disadvantages of having autism. There are many more things that are included and that come along with autism. For example diseases and disabilities. People with autism can make a big difference.